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New Bailey Unicorn range receives EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval

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Bailey is pleased to confirm that its new Unicorn model range has received EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

In order to achieve this standard a caravan must conform to the host of stringent European Directives that govern the design of all road vehicles and the systems they contain. Notably it ensures compliance with strict weight, dimension and safety regulations. Also required is verification that there are Conformity of Production systems in place to ensure all production models continue to comply with all of the necessary legislation.

Under new directives it is now a requirement that any new caravan range, introduced for the 2013 model year must have attained EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval by the end of October 2012. Existing model ranges which are carried over from the current season (which in Bailey’s case are the present Orion, Olympus & Pegasus ranges) have until October 2014 to conform with the same legislation.

This initiative operates in conjunction with the National Caravan Council certification programme which covers compliance with legislation, standards and codes of practice specifically relating to health and safety issues. All of our models ranges are currently certified by the NCC in this manner giving customers the assurance that their caravan is both legal and safe.

This dual validation process is just part of the comprehensive product development programme which Bailey undertakes prior to bringing new vehicles to market. Other Bailey specific elements of the programme include accelerated life and cold chamber testing at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground and the funding of long-term caravan design research projects carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath.

In this way the company can ensure that its products remain amongst the most technically advanced in the industry and continue to offer real and tangible benefits of ownership to customers.

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